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“Free Service”

FC Scanning and copy Services, Inc. Is a “free” service to you! All requests for copies of records from insurance companies and attorney will be processed through FC free of charge to you. FC will bill the requestor the allowable fee for services pursuant under the public Health law section 17 and 18.

Free FC Service

FC will provide your facility with state of the art equipment to interface with your systems needs. This can include digital photocopiers computer and scanning capabilities and laser printers. By providing your office with the latest in technology, we can help to eliminate equipment costs, ensure confidentiality and rapid release of information.

Customer Service

By utilizing FC you will eliminate the excess volume of phone calls your staff currently receives regarding record requests. Our fully staffed and centrally located Customer Service department is available to answer any questions regarding the status of requests for records. In additions, our customer service representatives are continuously trained and updated on the latest laws and revisions.